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Drug Diversion Prevention: WasteWitness

WasteWitness®, PharmID’s drug diversion management system, was featured in Pharmacy Purchasing & Product Magazine’s December issue focused on diversion prevention.

PPP’s December issue focuses on an urgent topic in healthcare: drug diversion prevention. At PharmID, we know healthcare can be safer with more powerful tools. Our mission is to make healthcare safer with true molecular verification of medication. We created WasteWitness to detect, deter, and prevent drug diversion.

WasteWitness ensures diversion prevention by closing the medication loop in less than a minute. With WasteWitness, hospitals can detect, deter, and prevent drug diversion right out of the box, keeping workers and patients safe. The platform is easy to use and requires no sample preparation: choose the drug, push it through the flow block, and hit “dispose.” WasteWitness’ patented Raman spectroscopy technology interrogates the substance at a molecular level and issues a pass/fail result.

You can learn more about WasteWitness here.

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