PharmID Verify is our flagship verification solution. PharmID Verify uses groundbreaking Raman Spectroscopy and advanced software to identify drug composition and concentration in seconds through existing containers without the need to remove samples and compromise the compounded sterile product. PharmID Verify is a complete solution for your IV Room verification needs. PharmID Verify is available as a “Solution as a Service” model. You have full access to the hardware, software, reporting and all system upgrades and maintenance for a simple monthly service fee for the life of your contract.

Using PharmID Verify is simple. Once a prepared sterile product has been compounded by a pharmacy technician, a pharmacist in the IV Room who is tasked with checking the finished product for accuracy would input the parameters of the product into the PharmID Verify touchscreen interface. What is the expected drug? What is the diluent and container? What concentration do you expect? Who was the technician that prepared the drug. Once this data is entered, the pharmacist places the product in the chamber, closes the lid and taps the “Verify” button. The system will scan the product and return a result, either Verified (if all the expected parameters are met) or Failed. All verifications that fail will notify the pharmacist of why the drug failed (either wrong drug or concentration out of limits). Pharmacists will have the ability to leave remarks as to follow up actions. All scans are logged and available for administrative reporting.

The reporting suite in PharmID Verify gives managers and administrators the ability to identify trends in IV workflow incidents. How often do certain medications get made improperly? Are there relationships between certain drugs and concentration failures? Are there patterns that involve certain technicians? PharmID Verify can tell you.