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Drug diversion prevention is an increasingly urgent topic in healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of hospital management, especially pharmacy. Drug diversion programs are under strain as resources are reallocated in the fight against COVID. As a result, the global pandemic has exacerbated issues like drug diversion.

PharmID founders Barb Marquardt and Scott Van Vuren spoke to MD Tech Review about these challenges and how they impacted the company’s mission to make healthcare safer for patients and workers. WasteWitness, PharmID’s drug waste verification solution, is an essential tool for drug diversion prevention programs.

“WasteWitness is all about making healthcare safer for patients, workers, and institutions by thoroughly interrogating the wasting event with the help of our proprietary technology,” Marquardt told MD Tech Review.

As the COVID-19 crisis developed, PharmID helped customers dealing with drug shortages and internal controlled substance compounding challenges.

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