WasteWitness™ – Controlled Substance Waste Testing

pharmid wastewitness controlled substance testing

Hard proof of each waste transaction

Monitor wasting accurately with the hard data you need to manage drug diversion. Wasting through the WasteWitness™ system rapidly analyzes medication using laser based molecular technology to provide drug and concentration verification. The pass or fail results are delivered to administrators through the powerful, sophisticated PharmID web portal.

Detect diversion in your healthcare facility >

Gain control over drug diversion

It is estimated that greater than 1 in 10 healthcare workers will develop a substance abuse problem and risk working impaired. WasteWitness™ provides medication verification in the post-patient waste stream as an additional, powerful tool for drug diversion and tampering prevention programs.

medication diversion

pharmid wastewitness diversion analytics

Uncover new insights with advanced analytics and data visualization

WasteWitness™ is the only solution capable of providing you with molecular proof of diversion that’s backed by hard data captured during wasting events.

Solution as a Service

PharmID offers you full access to the hardware, software, reporting and all system upgrades for a fixed monthly service fee.

pharmaceutical diversion analytics

Easy-to-use medication analysis system

medication waste testing

WasteWitness™ analyzes liquid medications during wasting transactions

medication waste testing

WasteWitness™ rapidly validates the wasted substance against advanced data models

medication testing analytics

A pass or fail result is reported through the powerful, sophisticated PharmID web portal

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