medication verification

Making healthcare safer with
True Molecular Verification of Medication

– Reduce medication errors

– Detect, deter, and prevent drug diversion

– Keep patients and healthcare workers safe

medication verification


pharmid wastewitness waste testing

Detect, Deter, and Prevent Drug Diversion

WasteWitness verifies that controlled substance waste is what it is supposed to be. Our patented FlowCell™ verifies medication waste and delivers a pass or fail result to administrators.


Coming soon

pharmid medication verification

We’re focused on innovating solutions that provide compositional analysis of medications for pharmacists, nurses and providers to use in their healthcare facilities at every stage of patient care. Verify is one of many innovations currently being developed at PharmID to provide molecular data across the medication lifecycle.


Verified by molecular analysis

PharmID solutions are powered by Raman Spectroscopy, a technology that interrogates a substance via laser to rapidly determine its chemical composition. These tests are validated against advanced data models to reveal drug match data in the form of pass or fail results.

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